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Network and Alliance

Membership with  National Networks
• Member of the GO NGO Coordination Committee for prevention of trafficking in women and children under Ministry of Home Affairs
• Member of National Legal Aid Committee
• Member of Rescue, Recovery, Repatriation and Integration Task Force(RRRI) under Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA)
• Vice Chairman to the Action Against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children (ATSEC), Bangladesh Chapter.
• Member of the SAARC Autonomous Women Advocacy Group, Bangladesh Chapter, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, GoB.
• SUPRO (President, Jessore district)
• Secretary, Anti-Corruption Committee, Jessore District
• Executive member of the Bangladesh ShishuAdhikar Forum -BSAF
• Member of the Coordinating Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh- CCHRB
• Member of the Bangladesh Counter Trafficking Thematic Group
• Member of Migration Development Forum
• Member of the Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights-BIHR

International Networking & Lobbying
• Hotline Asia ( )
• CARAM Asia( )
• Cross Border Anti-trafficking Network ( )
• Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women (
• World Human Rights Forum (