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Down to zero

Down to zero

Starting Date

1st July 2016

Ending Date

31December 2017

Working Areas

12 Union under Jessore, Jhenaidah, Khulna & Kustia district
Union are , Ramnagar, Kochua, Sukpukuria, under Jessore district , Kalichoranpur , Paglakani, Elangi, under Jhenaidah district , Ramkrishnapur, Abdulpur Uzangram, Under Kustia district. Phoultola, Utragiltola, Raghunathpur Under Khulna district

Major Activities

• Community Meeting
• School Orientation
• Capacity building for CVG and formation
• Capacity building training for CTC and formation
• Skill development training for Students
• Capacity development training for students
• Meeting with RRRI task force
• Lobbing meeting with identified companies management
• Counseling support and follow-up for repatriated survivors
• Debate competition among the students.
• Advocacy workshop with private sector for developing MOU.

  • Client Free a girl Netherlands
  • Date December 10, 2014
  • Tags Prevention, Prosecution, Protection

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